ÉDS Dragons Finish 2nd in Esport Canada Rocket League Tournament

In what could have been a heartbreaking defeat, the ÉDS Dragons stand tall with the knowledge that they finished 2nd in the country against students from all across Canada. 
It was an amazing display of talent and skill.  Missing their fourth, Sean "SkittleGuy" Poirier, they battled through the Upper Bracket dispatching of the Lockport Lancers 2-0 (Manitoba) and the John Henderson Saints 2-0 (Manitoba) along the way.  In the Upper Bracket Finals they lost to the Rundle Bravo (Alberta) in a short 2-0 series and were forced to quickly "regain" against the Ste. Anne No-Names 2-1 (Ontario) to reach the Grand Finals where Rundle Bravo waited for them.

Rundle Bravo defeated ÉDS in the Spring season last school year and, having won once already, started the best-of-5 series confidently.  Bravo took the first game leaving the Dragons in an early 0-1 hole, but ÉDS battled back on the strong play of Levi "RichUnicycle" Rosenthal, Evan "TurtleHollow" Brown, and Korben "Power Tumby" Meadows-Seidler.  Using strong rotations and a little bit of flair, the team buckled down and took the next two games to go up 2-1, needing only one more win to get their revenge for earlier in the tournament.
But it was not meant to be as Rundle Bravo showed Canada why they earned their 1st seed going into this tournament by playing two flawless games and winning the tournament 3-2.  You can catch the Grand Finals action on Fanshawe Fuel's twitch channel www.twitch.tv/FanshaweFuel or a direct link here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657251333 (the match starts at 3:39:00).  The other matches can be found at www.twitch.tv/EDSDragons.
The team has a ton to be proud of and with the Manitoba School Esports Association AAA Semi-Finals and Finals upcoming on December 1st we have a lot to work hard and grind for!  Let's go!!!