ÉDS Dragons Esports Finish 2nd AAA, and 3rd AA and A Division at Provincials

On Saturday, April 29th, the ÉDS Dragons esports team competed in the Manitoba School Esports Association (MSEA) Provincial Rocket League Finals.  With all five teams clinching a spot in the playoffs, Saturday was both a celebration and test of mettle as École Dugald School took on schools from all over Manitoba.  With challengers from as far North as York Landing (York Factory Cree Nation), Manitoba was well represented. 
Our teams finished strong, with the ÉDS Vermillion Dragons falling in the Grand Finals after a three-way tie in the Round Robin stage went in their favour.  In the playoffs, Vermillion had to go through Stonybrook Middle School on their way face MacKenzie Middle School from Dauphin, MB in the Finals.  After taking Game 1, they fell three straight in the Best-of-5 and MacKenzie captured the Spring Championship, with the Dragons capturing 2nd Place in the province.
In other action, the Vantablack Dragons and Pink Dragons faced difficult pools but valiantly battled to position themselves 7th AAA and 6th AA Division respectively.  And Titanium White and Sapphire both took a victory in their final match to earn 3rd AA and 3rd A Division.
It was an excellent show of competition, sportsmanship, and friendship.  ÉDS was also happy to host a reporter from La Liberté during the event, so please keep your eyes peeled for an article in the near future! Huge thank you to the Winnipeg Free Press and Maggie Macintosh for their excellent coverage on our Esports Lab in the Monday, April 24th Edition!

The Players:

Vantablack Dragons (AAA): Korben Meadow-Seidler, Evan Brown, Sean Poirier

Vermillion Dragons (AAA): Levi Rosenthal, Owen Lee, Jake Holland

Titanium White Dragons (AA): C.J. Latiza, Ryder Harder, Adam Klassen, Aidan Baker

Pink Dragons (AA): Ben Unruh, Eric Remillard, Dylan Schellenberg, Isaac Suderman

Sapphire Dragons (A): Julian Trudel, Tia Rowan, Ryder Mustard, Ayden Stone

Streamers: H. Rowan, N. Christopher, Z. Penner, Y. Bharj