MSEA: Scholastic Esports Expo - One Week Away!

ÉDS Dragons attending the Expo
We are excited to attend the Scholastic Esports Expo.  This is an amazing opportunity for our students to learn about esports in schools and the opportunities that can come from it, compete together in-person, and explore the new Red River College campus. With multiple keynote and panel discussions for students to take in, as well as opportunities to compete and game socially with schools from all across the province, we are excited our students have this opportunity.  More info about the event and fundraising below.
Manitoba School Esports Association Expo
On Thursday, May 25 and Friday, May 26th, the Manitoba School Esports Association (MSEA) will be offering the largest in person school esports event in Manitoba history, hosted at the all new RRC Polytechnic's Exchange campus, Manitou bi Bii daziigae, for 2 days of gaming and competition.
Schools will compete with teams from across the province in four different game titles (Brawlhalla, Rocket League, Super Smash Brothers, and Pokemon Unite), be able to connect and play casually between tournament matches, and help us raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation through Extra Life.

Event Dates: Thursday, May 25 & Friday, May 26 2023
Event Address: 319 Elgin Ave. Wpg, MB - RRC Polytechnic Exchange Campus - Manitou bi Bii daziigae
Extra Life and the Children's Hospital Foundation
The ÉDS Dragons esports team is participating in the MSEA Scholastic Esports Expo which is raising money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba through Extra Life!

Please support our school team by encouraging your parents, teachers, family members, and neighbours to make a donation to the MSEA Extra Life page to help us raise enough money to purchase a Portable Ventilator for the Children’s Hospital: . If you are unable to support online, please bring any cash donations to Mr. Koblun in Room 25 who is organizing a donation from the esports team.

Extra Life is a fundraiser that raises money for Children’s Hospitals across North America through gaming! Since 2008 30,000+ Extra Lifers have raised over $100M USD for hospitals across North America! Find out more about Extra Life online at
Educators Welcome!
Are you a teacher / educator / admin interested in checking out the event?  We would love to have you come and check it out!  Email the MSEA director of media ([email protected]) for more info on attending.