4 Teams Clinch Provincial Playoffs

The ÉDS Dragons are excited to share that four of our seven teams have clinched a spot in the Provincial Playoffs following a grueling and emotional night of competition on Thursday.  Top teams collided and two ÉDS teams were forced to play against each other for a spot in the playoffs.  Victory and defeat flooded the Esports Lab as students supported each other through the night.  At the end of the melee, four teams remained standing while three are left clinging to final chance of clinching a spot through next Thursday's Wild Card Tournament.
The ÉDS Red Dragons coasted to a 8-0 finish, not dropping an entire game throughout all 8 matches they played.  The White and Black Dragons join them as AAA teams moving into the playoffs representing Dugald. The ÉDS Orange Dragons clinched their spot over the Gold Dragons in a hard-fought battle as the only ÉDS A Division team to clinch.  The Blue and Magenta Dragons faced stiff competition on Thursday, falling just short of a playoff position as well.
On Thursday, January 29th the remaining teams will have one final shot to clinch a playoff spot.  The Wild Card Tournament will be followed by our streaming team as we cheer ÉDS on!  We will be hosting the Provincial Championship on Saturday, March 9th and are excited to see so many ÉDS teams marking their path to the main stage!
Good luck Dragons!