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Athletic Contract and Philosophy

We as an athletic department stress the ability to have fun and be a good sport. A huge part of being an École Dugald Dragon is being committed to your team by attending practices, encouraging others, and playing fairly. Getting to practices and games on time and being engaged are things we expect from our students.
In order to participate in extra curricular activities, our athletes are expected to be on top of all academics including homework, attendance, and behaviour in and out of classroom.
Please read the athlete/parent agreement and return it signed to the gym if your child is interested in joining any extra curricular activities throughout the year.
Parents responsibility is to pick up athletes at the end of the scheduled playing time.
In case of tournaments, where end of playing time varies, parents must be available to pick up their athlete and are responsible for arranging rides in a timely manner. 
Younger siblings of athletes will unfortunately not be able to attend after school activities without parental supervision.