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Did you know École Dugald School is a UNESCO candidate school?


The UNESCO Schools Network includes students and teachers from over 11,500 schools in more than 182 countries. The network acts as a laboratory of ideas by experimenting with innovative teaching and learning approaches to address global challenges. In Canada, the network is active in most provinces and territories and includes over 100 schools. Through local, national, and international projects and initiatives, teachers and students explore the following thematic action areas:


  • Global Citizenship and Human Rights Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Action
  • Indigenous Education and Reconciliation


Students learn to reflect on global challenges such as peace, climate action, human rights, cultural diversity, and sustainable development, while contributing to positive change in their own communities.


This year at École Dugald School our UNESCO Student Team is initiating action on a variety of local and global projects. Stay tuned for updates on our learning initiatives and our contributions to our community!




École Dugald School’s Sustainable Development Objective:

Sustainable Communities: The learner is able to feel responsible for the environment and the impacts of their own individual choices.


Projects at École Dugald School

  • Forest School- Incorporating Indigenous perspectives while participating in land-based learning. Developing an appreciation for, and connection to, the land.
  • Nature Buddies- Cross-grade connection with K’s and Grade 4/5 class once per month with a focus on outdoor play.
  • Gardens-Phase 1: Butterfly Garden complete. Phase 2: Build a community garden with plants indigenous to Manitoba, sacred medicines and a variety of vegetables and herbs (Spring 2023).
  • Outdoor Learning- Build a permanent outdoor firepit to support outdoor learning throughout all seasons (TBD).


UNESCO and Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

ÉDS is one of five recipients of the UNESCO Peace Photo contest. This photo titled “Peace is Nature” won $200 to donate to the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyways project.


This Monarch butterfly, Dana, was raised by the Goodick family and released at ÉDS. Our butterfly garden project was initiated to create a habitat for Monarch butterflies in our community.