What are Esports? » What are Esports?

What are Esports?

Esports is a form of competition using multiplayer digital games that are played individually or on teams - ranging in level from amateur to post-secondary to paid professional.  Universities have even started to scout esport players and offering scholarships to these student athletes.  Ontario announced over one million dollars in government esport scholarships last year!  This is not just a bunch of kids playing video games, but rather a new way for students to have an opportunity to wear a school jersey, represent their school, and be celebrated for their talents.
Esports provide students with the opportunity to be part of a school team, develop life skills, teamwork, positive attitudes, responsibility, growth-mindset, and more.  In addition, esports allow students to develop key information technology and communication skills that are relevant to 21st century education.
Our esport program is also more than just students competing.  Our students have the opportunity to take part in sport broadcasting (shoutcasting), production, and content creation.  Students also have the opportunity to organize tournaments and manage technical setups.  Our students will be developing leadership, communication, critical thinking, and design skills they previously did not have access to.
Some websites you may want to visit if you would like to learn more about the benefits of scholastic esports: